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I began my yoga journey in my hometown of Ottawa, Canada. Yoga became an important part of my daily life as I learned to cultivate inner peace, strength and confidence through my evolving practice. An internship with an NGO is what landed myself in Kuala Lumpur where an opportunity to attend a Yoga Teacher Training course at Yogshakti eventually presented itself. The rest, as they say, is history! 
I taught as a freelance teacher for about a year before deciding to open my own space, Omology Yoga to pursue a deeper level of creativity in my teaching and in my own practice. I named the space after the iconic "Om" chant and the concept that Yoga is a study (hence "ology").
My practice varies widely from strong, Hatha Vinyasa based sequences, to softer, more relaxing Yin/Restorative postures (and sometimes a fusion of both!). I love connecting with others on the mat and enjoys seeing how yoga can inspire students to leave their comfort zone and trust in new beginnings.
I bring my passion for yoga to my classes and a sense of humour, approaching sequences and postures with an air of playfulness and adventure. In establishing Omology, I hope to foster an environment where students will feel comfortable and safe embarking on their own unique yoga journey.
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Yoga is an activity that, when practiced regularly, can have many benefits. It does not just affect your physical state in positive ways, but mental state as well. Here is a breakdown of what yoga has done for me and what it can do for you:

When we talk about yoga, many would think about flexibility. Yoga poses help stretch your muscles and also increases your range of motion.

Core Strength
A strong core is something that will benefit everyone. As your core strength develops through the progression of yoga poses, you will find yourself having better control not only during your yoga sessions but also when you perform daily tasks.

Many yoga poses involve the core, strengthening it over time as you progress. With improved core strength, you lower the risk of back pain, improve your overall balance, as well as help you achieve proper posture.

Mobility & Stabilisation for The Joints
As you progress through the various yoga poses and practicing it regularly, you’ll start to notice that your general mobility will improve as the added flexibility and core strength start to show.

For me, I drew the most benefit from the mental practice of “stilling the mind”. The rhythm of a yoga sequence, coordinating breath with physical movement is like a moving form of meditation. It takes me out of my head and into my body.


Omology Yoga is more than just a yoga studio. It is a community of teachers, students and yoga lovers; a warm and welcoming space where individuals can learn, explore, strengthen and heal in their yoga practice with the support of teachers who are dedicated to fostering a safe and mindful environment.

As a studio, we believe that yoga is for everybody and we aim to bring to our community affordable, accessible, dynamic yoga classes. We offer one of the largest class schedules in Kuala Lumpur, with classes ranging from beginner level to intermediate; power Vinyasa styles to Yin and restorative. There is something for everyone as we recognise that each Yogi's journey is unique.

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