Why Fabric Resistance Bands Are Irresistable

by TheSweatCo (

Once only associated with physiotherapy and lackluster workouts, resistance bands weren't always considered a go-to fitness equipment. Resistance bands have been underdogs for a long time but with years of reinvention and education, they are now staging a comeback!

Personally, TheSweatCo are fans of fabric resistance bands. So much so that we will be launching our SWEATBAND collection soon!

We’re sharing what we love about the SWEATBANDS and our favourite SWEATBAND workouts!

Quality & Comfort
The premium woven elastic fabric ensures that there are no roll-ups during your workout, no matter how vigorous. The elasticity lifespan of fabric resistance bands are longer and they will not snap if used too frequently.

Provides Built-In Feedback
The SWEATBANDS provides instant visual feedback on your form, targets the correct muscles and helps avoid injuries.

Strength & Intensity
Complements strength training and does not compromise form in place of increasing intensity. For example, if you’re training barbell squats and you've hit a plateau with your weights. Take a step back, reduce your weights, place the bands above your knees and work on building strength without compromising your form.

Low Maintenance
Fabric resistance bands are extremely low maintenance. Just pop them into the washing machine or a quick rinse if needed. They are not sensitive to direct heat and will not get brittle and break.

As promised, here are our favourite SWEATBAND workouts! You can always use the SWEATBANDS for a basic home workout OR use them to level up your workouts at the gym. All progressive exercises shown below have the SWEATBAND looped around your legs above your knees:

Bodyweight Squat OR Barbell Back Squat

Bodyweight Hip Thrusts OR Barbell Weighted Hip Thrusts

Single Leg Lifts OR Weighted Alternating Single Leg Lift

Bodyweight Lunges OR Barbell Weighted Lunges

If you’ve never tried working out with resistance bands, we’d recommend using our medium resistance SWEATBAND first and slowly progress to our heavy resistance band.

If you’re not sure where to start or where to get your bands, head on over to where we share workout videos, tips on fabric resistance band trainings and where you can purchase our SWEATBANDS. Don’t forget to share your SWEATBAND journey with us!